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Aruvali is an upmarket fashion house creating and designing exclusive hand crafted ostrich leather handbags. Being a proudly South African product both sourced and crafted in the Garden Route of South Africa, we aspire to keep creating ethically sourced genuine leather handbags, purses and accessories for the fashion forward women and men across the world who deserve to possess remarkable yet timeless pieces of art.


For what started as a proposal that was gathering force for 15 years before finally coming into existence in 2015. Our name Aruvali, is a combination of two phrases. The first part "Aru" stems from the location in the Garden Route where our founder, Lo-Jeanne Siebert, first aspirations towards the concept of genuine ostrich leather handbags materialized years ago. The second part "vali" is a different dialect of the Afrikaans word "veld", which means pastureland that symbolizes the very beginning of where our genuine leather handbags stems from.

All of our Aruvali handbag styles is inspired and named after great international cities. Every one of our handbag product styles is influenced by the city's flair, vigour and style sense. Yet interpreted and designed in an uniquely South African fashion. Our products are all meticulously hand cut, sewn and finished using only the finest ostrich leather hides, silks and Italian fittings. Combining quality and modern chic styles, yet not lacking practical aesthetics and a great attention to detail, which results in our breathtaking South African infused masterpieces.

We believe that the interior design and excellence of manufacture is just as important as the distinct exterior. We only use the finest imported Italian fittings for a contemporary look and only the smoothest selected silks for a luxurious finish. 


Whether it is our exotic leather, soft silks or distinct designs, we aim to fashion each Aruvali design to be as attractive as it is costly to give you an enviable design that will last a lifetime.

That is why we at Aruvali strive for the most contemporary up to date

fashion, design and styles.

We pride ourselves in combining quality with classic style for the fashion forward women and men that enjoys exclusivity and an appreciation for handcrafted excellence.

Lo-Jeanne Siebert

Founder and CEO of Aruvali